Partnering with and equipping you to lead your families spiritually


Families are of highest priority to us, you know your kids much better than we do.  Students come to youth group for a couple hours per week, but they have been with you their whole life.  

We believe that we are here to come alongside you as parents help equip you and help reinforce the faith and the values you are already instilling in your son or daughter's life.      




One of the greatest ways we can help you spiritually lead your families is simply to listen.  Throughout the year our leaders make it a point to meet with as many parents as possible.  

This is a very simple and informal conversation that often-times we simply ask, "how can this ministry best serve your family?"  

These conversations have proven​ over and over again to be incredibly helpful for both the parents and for the youth leaders to get to know each other better. This also helps us determine how best to serve and minister to the individual student.   In student ministry time spent with parents is time very well spent.


Those of us who are parents know that there isn't a simple formula or magic pill to good parenting.  It's hard work, it's frustrating, it's scary, and it is so important.  

One of the ways we can help you as parents is to provide parenting resources.  Things like: what is it like to be a teenager today, the internet, life in school, books, videos other resources.  

There is so many great resources out there and sometimes it's just overwhelming trying to find the right resource to help navigate through a particular parenting challenge.   Let us help you find resources.

For starters: to learn more about today's Youth Culture check out: Center for Parent and Youth Understanding


"I appreciate the fact that WPC Youth Ministry teaches & reinforces many of the values & beliefs that I believe are important to today's teens."

Judy Hayes, Parent of High School Student