Why go to youth group?

Why should I go to youth group, that may be a very common question?.​

There are so many great opportunities in this area, so many great things that you could do with your time.  You name, it's available in this area, there is a lot to offer, so why then should I come to a youth group program at a church?  


We believe that deepening your relationship with the God who created you is the best thing you could possibly do with your time.  

Here at WPC Student ministry our mission statement is: 

Loving God and empowered by His Spirit, WPC Student Ministry seeks to help students

meet Jesus Christ, and become maturing disciples of Him.

Everything that we do in one way or another connects to our mission statement, in order to accomplish this we've put 7 goals in place each one in its own way trying to be a piece in the puzzle of becoming a maturing disciple of Jesus.

  • For students to cultivate a life-long faith that sustains through the college years and beyond.

  • To partner with and equip parents to lead their families spiritually.

  • For students to believe and see that the entire Bible is the inspired word of God. (Pr 30:5-6)

  • For students to develop a lifestyle of serving and sharing their faith.

  • For students to build strong, genuine relationships with other students and adults. 

  • To have students gain an understanding of how worldly views differ from Christian views.

  • To create a safe atmosphere where students learn about and feel comfortable openly discussing tough issues about God, their faith, and their lives.

  • To create a fun atmosphere that students want to be part of.